Going Postal

	From: "Joan L. Brewer" (joanbrewer@home.com)
	To: munge@attrition.org, mcintyre@attrition.org, comega@attrition.org,
	Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 18:11:41 -0800
	Subject: Jesus you are all Black!
	Hey boys I think I found some real pay dirt.  Do you know anything about the
	lawsuit against Microsoft.  I'm queen of the hackers.  But I'm female.  I don't
	hack computers.  I hack people systems. I use female gossip networks on the
	Internet and inside of Microsoft to very legally do just what they do to others.
	I do what Gates mother Mary did to get him going.  I was a counter culture
	women.  I'm 50 and a full blown psychic and telepath.  It's Gates' telepathy
	what did it for them and Mary Gates mentoring of young males. So I have mentored
	a lot of young computer males and artist.They are terrified of me at Microsoft.
	I use back doors into the company.  They said in court that gossip about Gates
	and I would get so bad that they women were just gossiping. So I learned how to
	crash Microsoft.  So if you are wondering why there are so many people leaving
	that company it's because I explained some of my game strategies to the CEO
	recently.  Ballmer is going to have a stroke.  I told him that I could get his
	HR, legal and security to harass the talent out. I'm shooting for the Gates now.
	He can't handle the lack of privacy now.
	By the way, the Nazis in Microsoft harass everyone who doesn't fit their white
	superior  attitude accept for the whores that are just as bad. The company was
	taken over by skin heads. Most good system programmers have some psychic
	abilities so I'm sure you guys do too.  This is what I was mentoring people in.
	By the way, there is a racial and sexual bias in Windows. This is something I've
	written a lot about. We base computer software on human psychology and logic.
	And when psychotics program the computer the system feels like a psychotic.
	Windows has a  personality disorder.  It's just like the Nazis who designed it.
	Best reason in the world not to use it.  This is why the Chinese are thinking
	about going with Linux as a state OS.  This is why I'm interested in the Black
	discrimination lawsuit.  By having a white male bias it's preventing a lot of
	black and women from learning.  BTW, I have a tested genius IQ!
	Counter Culture Technology 101
	Joan L. Grove Brewer  -- Redmond Rose~
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	In articulo mortis~

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