Going Postal

	Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 07:28:36 -1000
	From: fds das (counterci@hotmail.com)
	To: comega@attrition.org
	Subject: Please , Please , Please , Please Read Dear !
	i only knew hacking iis not *nix , linux , bsd , solaris.
	i want to make an interview with you , dear ;
	1)-what os must i use for best hacking results ?
	2)-what os did m0sthated use ?
	3)-which is more good ? bsd or linux
	4)-do you know how to hack *nix , solaris , apache s , bsd , if you know 
	please explain
	5)-how can i learn real hacking ?
	please dear.
	and where can i find you ?
	which server , which channel do you hang on ?

Xmas is past. Why am I still getting fruitcakes?