Going Postal

	From: David8629@aol.com
	To: hacked@attrition.org
	Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 19:51:17 EST
	Subject: hacked site
	Hey can you do me a big favor and can you hack 
	me a site? I will put your link on my page and 
	i wont tell anyone who did it ect.. ect.., the 
	site is www.zkiwi.com and the site that host 
	that site is: www.names4ever.com, so if you can 
	please hack me that site, cause i am really 
	pissed off at the owner and i would like to 
	just get his password and to just have it. 
	Alright thanx :-)
	when you get the password e-mail me at: dbzsubberX@yahoo.com
	thank you very much

Hey sure, we're into doing big favors for complete los^H^H^Hstrangers. The password for the site is "u=S\/x0r" without the quotes of course. Make sure you use the login screen at: http://www.zkiwi.com/cgi-bin/ha/ker/attempt.cgi. This should help you out.