Going Postal

	From: Kamliuk (Kamliuk@yahoo.com)
	To: root@attrition.org
	Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 14:00:54 +0300
	Subject: Hello
	Hello Mr.(Mrs)
	  Hello Mr.(Mrs)
	  I'm looking for:1.CPU intel Pentium-3  600 or 700
	                  2.DIMM  128Mb  PC100\133
	                  3.HDD 20Gb
	                  4.DVD  8x or 12x
	My shipping address:
	   City     - Kaunas
	   Country  - Lithuania
	Can I use my credit card?
	Can I have the order?
	Best regards,
	 Kamliuk                          mailto:Kamliuk@yahoo.com

Hello Mr.(Mrs)[Ms] Hello Mr.(Mrs)[Ms] I'm looking for 1.lime jello 2.spatula 3.large inflatable rubber products 4.polaroid camera My shipping address: City - Phoenix Contry - US Can I use wooden nickels? Can I have a handjob? In all seriousness, why the fuck you asking us for this? Why do so many foreign gimps mistake this site with a shop that sells computer equipment? You think if I send you something and address it to "Kamliuk" and put the address as "Kaunas, Lithuania" it will get to you? Do you see any sign what-so-ever that we take credit cards? Chug cock and die.