Going Postal

	Date: 27 Nov 2000 12:00:28 -0800
	From: Daniel Lazaro (lame@nightmail.com)
	To: bronc@attrition.org
	Subject: Need You Help
	Can you crack pitbossopa@aol.com to get a 
	password (not cached).  Also need to get 
	a password for a server to 
	www.onlineplayersassociation.com.  I would 
	entertain paying for services thru anonymous 
	Western Union.
	Can u do?

Wait.. so you want to stay anonymous using a web site who's motto is "We help you have a fun, safe and enjoyable gaming experience" by paying through "anonymous" Western Union.. yet you solicit complete strangers to commit felony computer hacking for you? That don't seem none too bright to me.