Going Postal

	From: Forrest Gump (scarlos@netmogi.com.br)
	To: hacked@attrition.org
	Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 22:31:19 -0200
	Subject: Please !!!

	I dont know if you guys are from Brazil or not, so 
	I am writing in English . I am sorry because my English 
	is not perfect, but I want you do something for us Brazilians, 
	and I also think that  will be a good idea !!!
	For two weeks Maradona has been speaking bad things about 
	Pele and about us, Brazilians ! Last week Maradona won the 
	award the best player of the century, but nobody knows is in 
	his site they did a big advertisement for the people votes in 
	him in this election ! It wasn´t fare !!!!!
	Why dont you enter in his site e tell everybody the truth ????????
	I know  every hacker fight against Lies and the Government´s power !!
	Hugs my friends...I hope you listen my wish !
	Silvio ! 
	ps.: Maradona´s site is ....:   www.maradona.com

Silvio giving me 'hugs'?! All because some country insults Pele and and Brazilians? He can't figure out if we're from Brazil?! Huh.. wha.. *boggle*