Going Postal

	From: FranciscaTemores@aol.com
	To: jericho@forced.attrition.org
	Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 23:25:18 EDT
	Subject: Re:%20www.blackclawson-cm.com%20by%20bl4f&In-Reply-To=<200008082236.QAA29903@for
	Hey I saw some of your work.  I bought some software.  I am looking for 
	someone to give me some info on how to get social security numbers.  I don't 
	know if you can help.  But if you can please let me know.  I am not police or 
	a hacker.  But I do need this info.  Thanks

Someone that doesn't know how to get Social Security Numbers.. will be able to do anything with them? Good luck.