Going Postal

	Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 03:40:22 +0300 (EEST)
	From: Ceyhun Kirmizitas (ceyhun@olympos.gen.tr)
	To: comega@attrition.org
	Subject: Hi
	Hi...I am Ceyhun from Turkey...
	I am not going to ask "How can  become a hacker?"
	but everybody says that "you should read what you find..this does not
	work  I think...
	give an example from yourself..How did you begin? What did you read so
	far? and What were they related? and so on..
	Please tell me smt..
	and last thing I wanna say that in our Country it is too hard to become an
	hacker cuz there is no enough information about it...maybe you will say
	that "you can buy a book from internet but I have no enough money for
	doing it...
	So please help me sure if you want...
	In fact I have some (maybe higher)knowledge on computer world..
	and can you give me the old hacking technics?(not be too old)
	I am looking forward your email..
	Thanks friend...  

I think I found the bottleneck here. He has net access in Turkey, yet "no information about hacking" in his country. Gotta be a tad smarter than your browser to achieve hackerdom.