Going Postal

	From: Luis Gonzalez (gse@caribe.net)
	To: jericho@dimensional.com
	Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 02:40:38 -0800
	Subject: Fw: Please Read This!!! 
	Subject: Please Read This!!! 
	Hi, im not a programmer, but I have a big idea. With the help 
	of a programmer, a hack page can create a program who activates
	at a specific time for hack attacts from many users to a site for 
	crash or down the line of a site like antionline.com, or
	companies who are doing ecological disasters, taking the people 
	like stupids or making thinks that many peoples or hackers
	dont likes. This program need a hackers association or users 
	association to be created using the name like CyberAttacks or
	CyberLaw or any name and need the support of all hackers page 
	like yours, progenic.com ect... for distribute it.
	The use of the program is easy. Use it for colaboration at a 
	specific time for a cyber attack or CYBERWAR!  the users visit
	the page for see when is shedulled a attack for set up the program 
	and then wait for watch the attak in the news like CNN.

	We need to do a association like this for make Law in the internet. 

	The program can consist in a single program where you can only type 
	the url of the page, type the specific time and the # of clicks / 
	pings, access ect... to the site or a more useful program who can 
	start up with windows everytime and it, when its needed , receive a 
	autoupdate and make a auto-cyber-atack. 

	sorry for my english

I hope CNN gets marketing rights.