Going Postal

	Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 16:28:31 EST
	From: DJack1019@aol.com
	To: comega@attrition.org
	Cc: Mayhem87@yahoo.com
	Subject: (no subject)
	YO! What up!! Well i am a 20y/F/Newyork
	well the reason why i am e-mailing you, is because i think you guys are 
	great. Im not the FBI or any of the other fagets that trys to give you guys a 
	bad name. I have no time for that bullshit. Im not trying to bo one im yours 
	group, because im not the groupie type. Im kind of a one man army. Theses 
	pricks who give you a bad name are just jealous of yall Man. They are mad 
	that they dont have the skills Yall have. I hope that you dont think that i 
	am a little dick head or anythung.Really i am a prick but Hey most females 
	arent. Hey i like yall, i know that i keep useing that word but its a NEW 
	YORK thing Man. Listen i dont have a web page YET,but when i do im going to 
	show (heres the word again) YALL much love. My < l_ _ er Friend just send me 
	some shit to receive coines from the change machine.1 or 5 dollar bill so im 
	going to check this shit out at the laundry place i think i should smoke a 
	blunt first befor doing it. Well if you want you can e-mail me at   
	Mayhem87@yahoo.com thats because in im dallas texes visting my twin sister 
	its nice out there, but i miss New york. This e-mail may not have much to it 
	but, a least you Know that there is a kid out there that digs yall and is not 
	out to hurt you.Well thats because i cant im still a nobody, but hey when i 
	become somebody on the computer you will know it was me because real bad boys 
	move in silence. I have a name for myself to Klashiz Clash cause i stay 
	clashie Well  peace!! i hope when you have time you will e-mail me to let me 
	know you got this. I understand that (a different word know) YOU's are busy 
	people. I really dont nag because thats not my style and plus im not asking 
	you for anything i Will learn to Hack on my own doesnt everyone?? i just need 
	a little guidence so if YOU's dont help me then i dont want any one else 
	to.OOh im on my twins computer as if you didnt know hahaha LOVE YALL 
	mayhem87aka Klashiz Clash im a begginer so take it easy on me Man!!!!!!!!!!! 

Lessons learned from this email. 1. S/he is a one man 20y/F army. 2. We wish s/he WAS from the FBI 3. Yall 4. S/he wants to be a real bad boy and move in silence 5. S/he has a twin. 6. Comega gets all the .. girls?