Going Postal

[Can't find the original but Comega quoted the relevant part.
 David Camp mailed us asking us to help him with *British*
 hacking (material in double quotes). Null replied (the material 
 in single quotes), and Comega followed up with this.]

From: Cancer Omega (comega@attrition.org)
To: /dev/null (null@attrition.org)
Cc: David Camp (Azgard@btinternet.com), staff@attrition.org
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 13:38:09 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: British hacking.

On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, /dev/null wrote: 

>> Hi,
>>     I am looking for website addresses and have as yet been unable to
>> find any websites relating to the topic which I am looking for.
>> Do you know the addresses of any BRITISH hacking websites? Or if you
>> don't do you know of anybody who would know of any? If you could help me
>> then that would be great. And secondly this is kind of a long shot but
>> would you consider hosting a non-staff members webpage? thanx.

> Er...perhaps I don't understand, but why exactly is British hacking any
> different from, say, Zimbabwean hacking?  Do the vulnerabilities
> suddenly change once a server is installed in the UK? 

> Have I missed something here?  Are you looking specifically for something
> on British laws about hacking?  Works by British hackers?  Maybe your
> friendly local search engine might help out.

Null, I'm surprised at you.  The differences between British hacking and
other hacking is always apparent.  For instance:

American Hacker	: w3 0wn j00 fux0rz!@#$
British Hacker	: Excuse me, ol' chap...w3 0wn j00 fux0rz!@#$

Muslim Hacker	: By the will of Allah, w3 0wn j00 fux0rz!@#$
British Hacker	: w3 0wn j00 fux0rz!@#$  Pip-pip.

Fundie Hacker	: w3 0wn j00 fux0rz!@#$  (You had it coming anyway.)
British Hacker	: We can't own you right now.  Tea time, you know.

I could go on, but I have to go vote.  It's a right we got after pounding
British ass over 200 years ago, you know.