Going Postal

	From: Ultra4k (Ultra4k@hotmail.com)
	To: root@attrition.org
	Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 20:26:09 -0300
	Subject: A mature question if I may?
	    Before the question I will ramble on a bit. Now I know I 
	could never be a hacker, and if I somehow learned the ways I
	would end up probably screwing it up and getting my ass pinned 
	to a prison wall by Jungle Steve. So I will keep away and leave
	that t o the professionals. No matter how much I would like to 
	learn, it isn't in my best interests and hard to accomplish
	unless you know the right people(Gates?) to help you through 
	the process and the actual doings. A friend of mine tried to
	download hack pro gz from a random http(idiot) and downloaded 
	a virus. When I ever download something from an unusual domain
	like that I do multiple scans on it. It all seems like something 
	good to do for parts of society, but all these stupid newbies
	nag people about it a nd pressure them. No one in their right 
	mind would reply to the question "Send me a hack prog?" Ok my
	rambling ends here. I am hoping that my email is somewhat 
	respectful AND respected. And the question is..... 
	    What are your "theoretic" ways that people are caught after 
	And a second is....
	    How are basic WWW site names and passes "theoretically" found 
	out or hacked?
	(Note: I don't expect this to be answered, but I wouldn't like  
	ignorant remarks on the 'Going Postal' section about it, please.)
	Sorry for taking your time. Good day and good site. =D
	    Any information I have given shows no proof me hacking, wanting 
	to hack, or knowing hackers. Any legal feedback is unwanted and will 
	be shown as breaking of the Federal Privacy Act. This is a normal 
	question from a normal person. (Note: For legal troubles only. I 
	don't want cops knocking on my door. As if they aren't already.)

Theoretically, we're assholes.