Going Postal

	From: Jim Bonner (jbonner@firefilms.com)
	To: jericho@attrition.org
	Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 16:20:45 -0400
	Subject: Aol Instant Messager (trace)
	Hi..heard you can see who people are chatting with if they are on your 
	buddy list some how with AOL Instant Messager.......
	HOW??? I would pay for this info.......!


I'd pay for a good massage right now. My back has been killing me. OH yeah, IP, buddy list, and AOL. Well, i hear if you go to the DOS prompt, and type some mumbo jumbo while you have a current chat session open, you can see all sorts of weird stuff that looks like numbers and periods. But we can't sell you that command. We'd be glad to part with 'dir' for a reasonable rate...