Going Postal

	From: Xxxxx Xxxxx (xxxxxx@iprimus.com.au)
	To: root@attrition.org
	Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 23:43:30 +1100
	Subject: Hello...

	I am a newbie and want to know if i can be a hacker if 
	i read all the texts you have on your webserver???

Actually, reading the texts on our server isn't important or necessary. To become a real hacker all you need to do is take the red pill (which you can buy at your local drugstore; just ask at the counter for the Super-Secret Uber-leet Hax0r Pillz) and follow the yellow brick road to see the Wizard who will give you one wish. Wish to be a hacker and you will reap the rewards! Hope this helps! /dev/null (footnote: we don't teach people how to hack. Either you play with computers because they fascinate you or you don't. It's a little like teaching someone to be homosexual.)