Going Postal

	From: Charlotte Spencer (spence801@hotmail.com)
	To: root@attrition.org
	Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 09:52:01 GMT
	Subject: Assistance

	Dear Sir,

	On the web I found your address with so many sites that have been hacked by 

	Is it as all possible for you to assist me to hack into a hotmail email 

	I look forward to hearing from you.



From: /dev/null (null@attrition.org) To: Charlotte Spencer (spence801@hotmail.com) Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 15:50:52 -0700 (MST) Subject: Re: Assistance Charlotte -- You make a great many assumptions...some of which are very, very dangerous assumptions to make. It's frustrating, too, because we make information available in many places that would clear up some of your misconceptions, but you chose not to bother to read the things we kindly posted for the benefit of our readers. Since you failed to look into the pages we worked so hard to write up, let me see if I can assist you in reaching an understanding. I'll use small words. We did not hack the sites on our list. We do not deface web sites. We do not approve of illegal hacking. We tend to think people who have to resort to criminal activity are very, very lame (actually, we think much worse than that, but I promised to use small words). In fact, by asking for our assistance in hacking a hotmail email account, you are effectively soliciting complete strangers to commit a felony computer crime that crosses state lines. Soliciting complete strangers to commit -any- crime is mindblowingly stupid in the first place; asking total strangers to hack for you is not only mindblowingly stupid, it's likely to get you laughed at a great deal if not get you in a great deal of trouble. Oops. Those weren't small words. Sorry, I forgot. The answer's no -- or, better put, the answer is -fuck- no, and let me take this moment to strongly encourage you to give up on the idea of breaking into email accounts altogether. You're not devious enough or careful enough or dedicated enough to be a good criminal...and bad criminals tend to get caught. Hope this helps. /dev/null