Going Postal

	From: No User (no.user@anon.xg.nu)
	To: staff@attrition.org
	Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 03:25:28 -0500
	Subject: Support and team needed for attack

	Hello. I am wanting your help to hack
	the site www.arunkoshy.cjb.net

	Actually, the person who runs this site helped one of enemies to 
	recover from a mailbomb I had send. He insulted me ,a part of
	the hacking fraternity by tell me that I am fool. I dont know but 
	this guy can delete my mailbomb in seconds and it is an insult
	to my hacking group. he seems to be newbie but has knowledge about 
	virus and all. Infact he is stupid to provide anonymos e-mail at his 
	site which shows how foolish he is but he also include message that 
	this cannot work against him. He is not good for hacking community as
	he is with the security people. He has made link to antionline.com , 
	which is a hated site by all of us. 

	I want your group to help my group to take revenge on this chap and 
	teach him a lesson that it is not good to challenge the leading hacker

	Can you hack his site ? if that is too tough (the chap runs unix which 
	is a problem) please mailbomb his account in such way that he cannot 
	recover it. Can you find out whether his computer is attached to his 
	website ? if so, we can destroy his hdd,all his work and teach him a 
	real lesson. 

	We cannot do back orifice against him as he knows about viruses. We, 
	the hacker community should wipe such proud and bastard people so as 
	to teach respect. I am not writing from my e-mail because I know that 
	you sometimes break into e-mail. 

	But in case you want to be team with me on this, you can mail me 
	at gia@cyberdude.com

	If you have more time, can you tell me how I can gain knowledge more 
	than this person ? Can you see my IP from my e-mail ? He has threatened 
	to notify my ISP. Can he do me any trouble ? 

	MEDJ Group

So...let me get this straight. You mailbombed someone, and the person who runs www.arunkoshy.cjb.net helped that person recover. And then (heavens!) he insulted you -- you, a charter member of the venerable fraternity of hackers -- by calling you a fool. To retaliate, you want to hack his free web site. But you can't do it yourself -- it's too difficult. In fact, you find unix to be scary and you have determined that, knowing he's running unix, Back Orifice won't work...not because he's not running Windows, but because he knows about viruses. You can't tell if someone can see your IP from your email -- you don't even know if "his computer is attached to his website". In fact, you know so little that you'd solicit complete strangers to commit a computer crime for you...yet you claim to be part of the "leading hacker groups". All this, because someone called you a fool? Fool.