Going Postal

	From: Lonewolf6996@aol.com
	To: staff@attrition.org
	Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2000 04:24:06 EDT
	Subject: Hi i liked ur web page....
	Hi, my names Josh and i am have jut one question for u. I have done reading 
	and everything onto become a hacker, not a cracker to do bad things but a 
	hacker to do good things, our only crime is curiotisy right? So what i wanted 
	to know is what is the main program i need to have on my comp to hack into 
	web pages that shouldnt be on the net and people that do bad things in life 
	computers, i know i should share information with u first before i can get 
	any back, so i will tell u something that u want to know or to see if i know 
	first ok. I know u get emails alot about this kinda thing but i would like it 
	if u would help me out, well laterz.

Oh, thank you, Joshua, we are -so- reassured. You are a -good- hacker, not an -evil- cracker, and your only crime is curiosity. So it's -okay- for you to break into web servers. Because the pages shouldn't be on the net at all! You can't argue with logic like that! Here's a hint. Return that copy of 'Hackers' to Blockbuster, turn off your Windows 95 box, and go play in traffic. Hope this helps! /dev/null