Going Postal

	Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 23:42:33 +0100
	From: technophile@mbox.com.au
	To: blaise@attrition.org
	Subject: good deeds
	Hello. Just saw a picture and wondered if it was yours. Are you a woman? 
	If so it must have been yours. Blonde hair, come to bed eyes... Maybe 
	your a man trying to trick men and women into mailing you cause you like 
	reading crap mail. Wouldn't it be really cool if you were fat and ugly 
	and in a wheel chair and that picture wasn't really you and you were 
	trying to trick people into thinking that you were really nice looking. 
	Anyhow, will you reply to me? Doctornuker doesn't reply any more. I 
	tried to be funny and stuff but I don't think he liked me calling him 
	names he didn't know. You know big words like ugly and slow and that 
	sort of stuff?
	Have you ever been to Australia? That's where I live. If your coolenough 
	maybe you could join my gang. Were the coolest and everyone wants to 
	hang around us like flies at a BBQ. We could go to the beach and if 
	you've got a g-string bring it along cause they're exciting.
	Have to go now, pizza is here.
	That was a complete lie.

That is one hell of a pickup e-mail.