Going Postal

	From: u u (dodgestealthrt@usa.net)
	To: bmartin@attrition.org
	Date: 12 Feb 00 10:32:49 MST
	Subject: Very impressive site here...
	...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of loser/wanker 
	imagery. I just felt like gutter crawling a bit in sending 
	this to ya. I think I'll go back to crushing maggots like you 
	in my normal manner, via loopholes in the U.S. legal system. 
	Ah, the law, such a beautiful and deadly weapon. Time to 
	point, and click...
	Hope ya never die, cause then you'll be around to suffer!
	Vigilante with a monstously big chip on his shoulder.
	Hope ya smell it!
	P.S. Please hack me. It might mildly amuse me. If done by 
	others, it would probably bore me. Oh shit, I gave out how 
	to get rid of me, utter boredom!

Damn, we need to start a fan club. Maximum IQ can be around 17, no age restrictions. We waited half a year for him to 'take us down' via 'loopholes in the U.S. legal system', but we haven't noticed any difference yet.