Going Postal

	From: KissBug01@aol.com
	To: staff@attrition.org
	Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 02:03:49 EDT
	Subject: help
	Hi I need some help...I have an exfiance...who i have a baby with...and i am 
	so in love with still...He changed his password...I think now it has 
	something to do with our daughter.  Well, I need to get into that 
	account...and he also has another one...but I don't even know the screen name 
	for...so how can I do this...or whatever?  I need to get into his one 
	account...i have the screen name...and i need to get into another account...i 
	don't have the screenname... PLEASE help me and get back to me as soon as 
	possible...this is only to know what he is doing...not to do anything 
	else...I want to see who he is writing to and who he is recieving mail 
	from...thank you


Hi Kissbug If he is an ex fiance, then he can correspond with whoever he likes. 'Ex' implies he is free from the ball and chain that previously plagued his life.