Going Postal

	From: Neil Arruda (therock_roodypoo@hotmail.com)
	To: hacked@attrition.org
	Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 05:26:29 GMT
	Subject: need some help

	to whom it may concern....

	i am bored of getting into my friends' computers and want 
	to learn something new.  If you could i would really appreciate 
	it if you could tell me or set me off on the right foot by 
	telling me what i need to know and how to hack WEB SITES!  i 
	really want to get my friend (he's a real prick and says no 
	one can hack his site!).  I've already got his computer but 
	need some help getting his site.

	if you could, once again, i would really appreciate it if you 
	could tell me what i need and how to do it!



Hi, THEONE. I understaind, from your MAIL, that you wish to hack WEB SITES!. You say you already have your friend's COMPUTER but even so you aren't able to 'get' his WEB SITE. I assume that you would be bored or otherwise inconvenienced by learning enough about SYSTEM architecture and current TRENDS in security vulnerabilities, and would really prefer a STEP BY STEP walkthrough of exactly HOW TO HACK, or maybe even a handy-dandy TOOL that will do it for you at the push of a BUTTON. Or perhaps you would prefer that we put you in a chair, plug a jack into the socket at the base of your skull, and simply upload super-duper hacking ability directly into your brain...since you -are- THEONE?