Going Postal

	From: GOTNOHALO@aol.com
	To: disorder@phrack.com
	Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 22:05:14 EST
	Subject: Please help me...

	Hey!  What's up!  I need help with something.  I moved out of my exboyfriends 
	house and  he changed my password on my aol account.  I am unable to access 
	my email or have aol reset it because I have no id showing that I ever lived 
	at that address so aol will not help me.  He also paid for the 1st year of my 
	aol as a birthday present so that further hurts my standing when I talk to 
	aol.  I think he is enjoying reading my email and was wondering if there was 
	anyway to email a program which would track keystrokes and then email them to 
	me so that I can access my own email without him totally knowing?  Or if you 
	have any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.  Please atleast 
	respond back and let me know any ideas you or any other may have.
	Thank you so much!


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