Going Postal

	From: nabil mohammed (mohammedn32@hotmail.com)
	To: disorder@phrack.com
	Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 20:13:17 GMT
	Subject: question

	hi, i just read all yor articles of phrack magazine and 
	i am really happy that there is someone i can get help 
	from and i write to u...

	I need to know if you can send me an e-mail on how to 
	hack into bank acounts and fuck with the sums of money and 
	also how to make a fake credit card that will work..
	    please give this info for British banks and cards as 
	i live in Britain, thanks.....
        also can you subscribe me to the phrack magazine
                  thanks again...........

If we could hack into banks and manipulate money, don't you think we'd be retired and not take work from chimps like yourself?