Going Postal

	Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 00:44:44 +0200
	From: gazouli (gazouli@inco.com.lb)
	To: modify@attrition.org
	Cc: Mad Man (gazouli@inco.com.lb)
	Subject: Need Assistance

	Hi, My Nick Name Is MadMan, And I'm From Lebanon.I'm An Expret In 
	Win95, Win98, DOS 6.2, DOS 6.22.And I Have Many Experiances In 
	'Harmless Hacking'.  I Read All The Text Files In This Site (That 
	Are For Teaching), But I Want To Learn More In Hacking & Cracking 
	(Harmless & Harmful) Ones'.So I am Sending You This Massege Hoping 
	That I Can Learn From You And A Member Of Your Group.

	"Please E-mail Me"

Why do people put such harmless comments in quotes? As if it is some corporation that thinks they could get sued over it. Anyway.. Expert in Windows and DOS, the lower ends of the Microsoft world.