Going Postal

	From: Amund Spangen (amund.spangen@lfr.no)
	To: jericho@dimensional.com
	Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 19:07:28 +0100
	Subject: sch663

	 so whety dont ther partens send hthme too soem kind of geeks schooles
	ewghen they dont fit in in noraml schooles anyeay? abn whay havent
	anyonne in amarica saterd a geek school comapny ? 
	btw do u realy need scholl(after u laernd -+ x: and read/write?  u can
	only job u get whioute colleg anyway are mack filping jobes ..  and if u
	want too be skomthinbg u can just drop oute from schoole spend the time
	on teach yoeruself linux or reading prhack .com ... 


	or just satrt on this unverety (under bussnisn secion)

Errr.. thirty seven?