Going Postal

	Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 16:02:58 -0600 (MDT)
	From: Evil Suck (darkvenon@hotmail.com)
	To: geekgrl (geekgrl@attrition.org)
	Subject: Your Mail

	   First of all, let me introduce myself, I am the Great Darkvenon or if you 
	prefer EvilSuck. I am writing to you in reponse to your "Best quate"..."one 
	day i will find somthing, i'm good at"...well, if you have not found 
	something goood..what the fuck are you doing...at www.trition.org ??? Your 
	quate is the most stupid one I have ever heard from a girl...I thought my 
	computer science classmates..were dummies...but you are the worst....

	by the way...because people like you...using the word geek...you are fucking 
	dirting the reputation of truly computer scientists...I am a fucking 
	computer science major..and i am not a geek...i am damn smart, but in no way 
	i consider myself a geek...the pic you have on your web page seems too much 
	for a "geekgrl".....

	I only believe in the things  i see, and so far i have not seen anything YET


Wow. This mail kept geekgrl laughing for hours actually. We could easily point out "i am damn smart" along with "quate", "dirting", "truly" and the amazing use of grammar throughout this mail. Hell, he didn't even get our web site right.