Going Postal

	From: John Mitchell (legoman@pcisys.net)
	To: staff@attrition.org
	Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 18:24:39 -0600
	Subject: We have you sucker

	This is an Illegal Web site you will be traced if this Site is not shut
	down within 24 hours

	Sincerely the FBI

	Special Agent McPerson

	Undercover Web Agent

My favorite so far! So many things to say about this one, I don't know where to start. Illegal web site: Information was outlawed and no one told us?! Our site will be traced: using 'traceroute' i bet. Since when does the FBI do anything "sincerely"? McPerson, sounds like a McDonalds employee. And Undercover.. i bet he is wearing dark sunglasses as he reads this reply.