Going Postal

	From: MclaireT@aol.com
	To: webmaster@forced.attrition.org
	Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 14:34:00 EDT
	Subject: Cryptography

	Your coding algorythmes are already known by the people you want to escape	
	So the question is why continue to give theze things?
	A reasonable explaination would be that your are these people...?!

Let's make a few things *sparkling* clear here. 1. That's "algorithms." 2. They aren't "our algorythmes" 3. The only thing we actively try to escape are flying bullets. Y'got any? Oh yes. Not only are we the people our mothers warned us about, we are also the people we are trying to escape. Are you on any prescription medication, or are you just naturally this way?