Going Postal

	[This ended up being a 20 piece flame war by the time
	 it was done. Modify showed levels of patience I can
	 only dream of. Rather than put all the mail, we'll
	 quote relevant material.]

	From: Shuzzbyte@aol.com

	"Somehow I can't read your text. Maybe it's my computer..
	 or just your arrogance."

	[This was the first mail Modify received.
 	 After that, Modify spent considerable time asking for details
	 so that he could try to help. She could not tell him what 
	 Operating System or Browser she used, took several pieces
	 of mail to finally tell him that http://attrition.org was
	 the URL causing problems, etc.]

	"By the way, I'm a woman, and a writer---and I know you 
	 won't mind when I reproduce these letters in toto, in 
	 my article. Ciao!"

	"Are all of you people simply LUNATICS?  "We're not what 
	 you call...ORDINARY" You're right! "You're not what you 
	 call...sensible" either.  DON'T WRITE ME AGAIN.  I've had 
	 enough of your irritation. Your web page can provide 
	 nothing valuable."

	[At this point I'd like to remind our readers that her
	 original complaint was that she couldn't read our text.
	 Yet she can quote text from our page?]

	"Get over yourself--amoeba"

	"Yes, YOU tried to help. But Comega and Jericho are nothing 
	 but fart-faces high on the scent of their own putrid fumes."