[VIM] Tuesday flood

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Wed Feb 14 03:52:23 EST 2007

: On Wednesday 14 February 2007 03:40, Steven M. Christey wrote:
: > Wow...  Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Sun, and HP-UX all releasing
: > multi-issue advisories on the same day?  Ouch.  This kind of pattern
: > can't be good for sysadmins.
: The reason seems pretty clear, though - if you're only contributing a 
: bucket to an already existing flood there is much less bad PR for you. 
: Especially if you piggy-back off Microsoft who will take most of the 
: heat anyway.

Don't know abou tthe rest of you, but I keep having this strong desire to 
whip up some graphics showing various 'storms' of vulnerability 
disclosures from the big vendors and pronouncing this as some 'perfect 
storm' of disclosure.

Al Pacino will star as Steve Christey, Christian Slater as Jericho.

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