[Nikto-discuss] Can nfetch() request with HTTP/1.0 ?

Sullo csullo at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 08:09:57 CDT 2012

After working on some changes here, I've reconsidered. Of the tests in
nikto_headers.plugin, only one of them doesn't set custom header
values. This means that even allowing override of the http version you
can't just use nfetch. On top of that, you need to pass the full
result hash back to get the same functionality, which isn't a big deal
until you have to do it 7000 times as a result.

So, it should stay as crafted requests, I think.

The one test in db_tests needs some thinking--it doesn't work right now.

On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 7:42 AM, Sullo <csullo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Rather than creating a new function, it would be better to pass the
> appropriate version (if an override is needed) to nfetch and let it
> set a new version.
> $request{'whisker'}->{'version'} needs to be set before
> http_fixup_request is called.
> This would allow for the nikto_headers.plugin to not have special
> handling, but wouldn't do anything for the single test in the
> database. For that one... may be best to send the header manually or
> move that test to code (since there are 6500 tests and only 1 needs
> version 1.0, I think it's safe to call it an edge case).
> Almost done with changes to support switching the http version in nfetch()...
> On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 1:28 AM, Jay Bahn <Jay.Bahn at gmx.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> While debugging I've found that nfetch() can't request with HTTP/1.0.
>> But, Nikto request at least 3 test with HTTP/1.0 inside
>> nikto_headers.plugin.
>> (+1 test 001251 inside db_tests)
>> To do it, Nikto uses LibWhisker raw requests, and it makes code somewhat
>> ugly and difficult to reuse.
>> What do you think about it to make a new function request with HTTP/1.0?
>> For examples,
>> (my $res, $content) =
>> nfetch_ver_1_0($mark, "/", "GET", "", \%headers, "", "HTTP/1.0 request
>> test");
>> or
>> (my $res, $content) =
>> nfetch_raw($mark, "/", "GET", "", "HTTP/1.0", \%headers, "", "HTTP/1.0
>> request test");
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