[Nikto-discuss] Can nfetch() request with HTTP/1.0 ?

Jay Bahn Jay.Bahn at gmx.com
Sat Jun 2 00:28:22 CDT 2012


While debugging I've found that nfetch() can't request with HTTP/1.0.
But, Nikto request at least 3 test with HTTP/1.0 inside
(+1 test 001251 inside db_tests)

To do it, Nikto uses LibWhisker raw requests, and it makes code somewhat
ugly and difficult to reuse.
What do you think about it to make a new function request with HTTP/1.0?

For examples, 
(my $res, $content) =
nfetch_ver_1_0($mark, "/", "GET", "", \%headers, "", "HTTP/1.0 request

(my $res, $content) =
nfetch_raw($mark, "/", "GET", "", "HTTP/1.0", \%headers, "", "HTTP/1.0
request test");

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