[Nikto-discuss] How to disable prompt to send database update?

Peter Wang wkwang at cisco.com
Sun Jul 10 19:56:23 CDT 2011

Hi all,

We have an automated wrapper script to run Nikto scan. It has been running
fine most scenarios. But recently Nikto scan run into a new web server which
prompt user to select whether to send information update or not. As our
Nikto scan is run in non-interact fashion, so it won¹t take any key stroke.
Now our script will hang forever.

Would like to know if there is any Nikto config where it can disable ³prompt
to send info update².  Or is there a CLI option to set ³No² by default. In
other hand, may a database update resolve this issue?



   Portions of the server's ident string (Apache/2.2.3) are not in

   the Nikto database or is newer than the known string. Would you like

   to submit this information (*no server specific data*) to CIRT.net

   for a Nikto update (or you may email to sullo at cirt.net) (y/n)? 
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