[Nikto-discuss] -f cancels report exporting

lewis francis lewis at lewisfrancis.com
Thu Feb 24 09:38:56 CST 2011

Hey all, congrats on getting 2.1.4 out the door.

I see in the docs that -f has been deprecated and its usage now disables all plugins, which are necessary for report exporting. Sadly, this slightly breaks MacNikto, which assumes that a combination of -0 and -f will result in an exported report.

I alway thought -f was a handy feature to have, and can certainly work around the fact that -f scans can no longer be exported, but was curious as to  the thinking behind the deprecation of this feature? Also, may I assume that  future version of Nikto will no longer support -f at all? Might make sense for me to drop findonly support entirely rather than work around the current behavior if so.

Thanks much.


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