[Nikto-discuss] Suggestion about scanning selection.

Matt ~ aereal at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 16:30:55 CDT 2010

Hello Nikto community, I'm new at this mailist (don't know why I wasn't on
the mailist before since I always used nikto), so if my suggestion has been
already made or has been improved on an svn my apologies.
Sometimes I find myself scanning with nikto to websites I know there are not
going to be old vulnerabilities, so my suggestion is if it will be possible
to select a range of years where vulnerabilities where released.

./nikto.pl -h www.site.com -vulndb 2005-2010 [test again vulnerabilities
reported between 2005 and 2010]

./nikto.pl -h www.site.com -vulndb 2010 [just scan using vulnerabilities
reported this year]

I don't know if I made my point, thanks for reading.
Matías Aereal Aeón
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