[Nikto-discuss] Documentation update (Nikto + Nessus)

Frank Breedijk FBreedijk at schubergphilis.com
Wed Mar 31 11:13:26 UTC 2010

http://cirt.net/nikto2-docs/usage.html states:

Nessus (http://www.nessus.org/nessus/) can be configured to automatically launch Nikto when it finds a web server. Ensure Nikto works properly, then place the directory containing nikto.pl in root's PATH environment variable. When nessusd starts, it should see the nikto.pl program and enable usage through the GUI.

However Tennable's article (http://blog.tenablesecurity.com/2008/09/using-nessus-to.html) states that:
Nikto.pl should be in the path
Nikto.nasl should be present
You should run nessusd -R
And restart nessusd

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