[Nikto-discuss] Encoding in xml output

Erik Stephens erik at edgeos.com
Tue Mar 30 19:44:36 UTC 2010

On 3/29/10 8:36 AM, david lodge wrote:

> I'm interested in which malformed bits you found though - we should be
> trapping anything that can have strange characters within CDATA tags,
> anything else that gets through is a bug. Some redacted samples would
> be useful (or a copy and paste of the bad bit).

One bad byte I found was 0xca, as in:
I n c . ca C o n t e n t S e r v e r

Looks like 0xca is an E with circumflex in iso-8859-1 and the start of a 
two-byte character in utf-8.  Doesn't look like valid utf-8.  I'm using 
this as a reference:


> IIRC, perl 5.6+, like python, uses UTF-8 internally. This is a pretty
> moot point at the moment as the databases and messages only use ASCII
> codes from<127. I'd go with UTF-8 to be safe :-)

I'm seeing this byte in plugins/db_tests (the ContentServer on), so 
maybe it was just a typo and simpler to edit that file?


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