[Nikto-discuss] Nikto beta testers needed!

Sullo sullo at cirt.net
Fri Jun 18 12:57:02 CDT 2010

We've just checked in code to provide some interactivity during nikto
scans, and we could use a little help testing it out, as well as some

Interactive features:
During a scan, pressing certain keys will cause some actions, as listed below:
  (space) -- print out a progress report
  q  -- quit (same as control+c)
  d -- turn on/off debug mode
  v -- turn on/off verbose mode
  e -- turn on/off error printing
  o -- turn on/off OK printing
  a -- turn on/off authenticated resource printing
  c -- turn on/off cookie printing
  r -- turn on/off redirect printing

Obviously printing the current status is the big thing here! You'll
typically see something like this:
 - Completed: 350 tests, approximately 9% complete (in plugin Nikto Tests)

The sad part is that this is only going to work on POSIX compliant
systems with the TIme::HiRes module installed (which is standard with
perl installations >5.8). On systems without those features, it will
silently be disabled. On those systems (or on POSIX) you can also use
the "-D P" option to print out a status report on a regular basis.

So, the testing:
- Can you try this on a non-POSIX system and see if you get errors?
Can you still CONTROL+C to quit?
- Can you try this on your POSIX system and see how it works? Does it
error? Ill effects?
- Any other things we can/should do interactively?

To test, you'll need subversion and checkout the trunk repo:
  svn co  http://svn2.assembla.com/svn/Nikto_2/trunk/

Please let us know how testing goes, even if (especially if?) things work great.



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