[Nikto-discuss] Oh Dear!

David Klein davidkl at ivision.com.au
Tue Sep 29 06:44:04 UTC 2009

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply, it was version 2.1.0 and I have melted the box. 

I will let you know if I can get Nikto on a machine again shortly to
test it. 


David Klein

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On Tue, 2009-09-29 at 13:15 +1000, David Klein wrote:
> Integer overflow in hexadecimal number at
> /pentest/scanners/nikto/plugins/nikto_headers.plugin line 203, <IN>
> 279.

That's really not good - which version are you using? According to the
latest 2.1.0, that line is:

Which has the potential to overflow, but only if something has gone
really pear shaped. And chance of a -D d dump of this session (or at
least see the headers it produces for a GET /)



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