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in case others face the same issue. Here is the cure.

 Actually I have been using a config file from previous Nikto rlz, this is
why I had the problem.


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[From my gmail account as I can't access my cirt account from work]

There is a known bug in 2.03 of nikto, where it fails to recognise a
web server if a pre-2.03 configuration file is being used.

You should be able to see this by running a scan with -D V and seeing
what it's doing:
D:\tools\nikto>nikto.pl -host -D V
- Nikto v2.03/2.04
V:Tue May  5 13:41:59 2009 - Testing open ports for web servers
V:Tue May  5 13:41:59 2009 - Checking for HTTP on port, using
+ Target IP:
+ Target Hostname:    localhost
+ Target Port:        8081
+ Start Time:         2009-05-06 13:42:00

If you run it with a -D V and you can't see the "Checking for HTTP"
line then you have this problem. In this case, check your config.txt
for the below line:

If this is missing, add it and it should (hopefully) work. This is a
bug fixed in Nikto 2.10 (development version).

If your configuration file has this, send me a redacted version of the
-D DV output and I'll have a look at it (please make sure that you
include dave at cirt.net in the email list - I normally only use this
email address for mailing lists).


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