[Nikto-discuss] weak etag vulnerability?

Peter Wang wkwang at cisco.com
Wed Jun 10 14:33:38 UTC 2009


I got a Nikto report of item 999984 as below. It seemed to be a weak etag.
But I can¹t find any other reference from Nikto report to this item.
 no OSVDB ID like other items. How can I further verify if it¹s a real
vulnerability or false positive?

<item id="999984">
<description>ETag header found on server, fields: 0xW/26 0x1244346013000

Is it just an informational item which Nikto reported? Are you aware if
there is any vulnerability associated with it?

PS: sorry if it¹s a re-send. 1st email accidently to
nikto-discuss-bounces at attrition.org
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