[Nikto-discuss] Nikto Not Finding Webserver

David Lodge dave at cirt.net
Wed Jan 14 00:27:45 UTC 2009

> I just reinstalled nikto from ports (FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE) and
> attempted to scan a host and got the following:
> + No web server found on

Nikto makes some guesses as to what the web server is (or if there is  
one). If checks (by default) both HEAD and GET methods both with SSL and  

But sometimes it may get it wrong! You're using nikto 2.03, which has  
slightly tuned detection in (which is good). I can't really make a guess  
without the output.

Try running a nikto.pl -host <blah> -D d and sending on the stuff around  
the http detection (it should be the first connections). The resulting  
output is massive, so you may want to redirect to a file and then send it  



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