[Nikto-discuss] Problem updating 2.10 of 2.1.0

Magnus magnuspublic at mac.com
Sat Dec 5 23:18:41 UTC 2009

Using BackTrack4 I have trouble updating:

/pentest/scanners/nikto/nikto.pl -update
+ ERROR (404): Unable to get www.cirt.net/nikto/UPDATES/2.10/versions.txt

(i do have a web connection)

When I look at the URL: www.cirt.net/nikto/UPDATES/2.10/versions.txt I notice that it is misspelled.
It should be www.cirt.net/nikto/UPDATES/2.1.0/versions.txt

So just 2.1.0 instead of the 2.10. I cannot find a way to edit the update URL.

I tried disabling DNS to force nikto to use ip for updates (I corrected the ip in /pentest/scanners/nikto/nikto.conf)
I get the same error:

+ ERROR (404): Unable to get

Also the misspelled URL: 2.10/versions.txt

> Then I tried updating manually by downloading from www.cirt.net/nikto/UPDATES/2.1.0/ and placing it in the /pentest/scanners/nikto/plugins folder.
Now nikto would start a scan anymore.

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