[Nikto-discuss] Nikto Subversion & Trac now available

Sullo sullo at cirt.net
Fri Feb 22 04:25:16 UTC 2008

In order to bring some community contribution to Nikto,  I've set up a
project site on Assembla.com, which will let everyone commit to the
source code via Subversion, and tickets via Trac.  Assembla manages the
software (woohoo!), and has more tools the project can use should they
become necessary--such as a wiki, chat, etc.

I hope this will encourage more people to help out, whether it's via
code updates or tickets. Instructions for signing up for an Assembla
account and joining the project are on the main page--you can't miss it.


Links & announcements on cirt.net are forthcoming, but I want to shake
this out a little... so please post here or let me know if you
experience any difficulties with Assembla, Trac or SVN.


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