[Dataloss] follow-up: Stakeouts, Lucky Breaks Snare Six More in Citibank ATM Heist

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By Kevin Poulsen
Threat Level
June 24, 2008

Citibank officials monitoring their network for fraud on Thursday, May 8, 
noticed suspicious ATM transactions at 8:30 p.m., coming through the five 
cash machines in the vestibule of a Citibank branch at 65th Street and 
Madison Avenue in New York City's Upper East Side.

As luck would have it, a bank employee -- probably a corporate security 
official -- was already staking out the branch from across the street.

Three months had passed since Citibank notified the FBI that a hacker 
managed to steal customer-account numbers and PIN codes, in an attack on a 
server that processes transactions from Citi-branded ATMs at 7-Eleven 
convenience stores. In late February and early March, the FBI and the U.S. 
Secret Service arrested two Ukrainian immigrants and two alleged 
co-conspirators for allegedly using the stolen PINs to steal $2 million in 
cash from unsuspecting Citibank customers.


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