[Dataloss] CA: Security breach compromises 5, 000 social security numbers at Consumer Affairs

lyger lyger at attrition.org
Tue Jun 24 17:05:46 UTC 2008


The state Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has sent letters to 5,000 
employees, contractors and board members warning them of a security breach 
that has compromised their names and social security numbers.

The breach occurred on June 5 or 6 when a Microsoft Word document was 
improperly transmitted electronically outside of the department, said DCA 
spokesman Russ Heimerich. The document also contained the salaries and 
titles of everyone on the list, but Heimerich noted that this was public 

"The thing that is troubling to us is that information was coupled with 
their social security numbers," Heimerich said.


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