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As a legitimate company, the street value of an identity is meaningless, unless one plans to sell identities.

Executives and Risk Managers need to focus on the regulatory and punitive damage costs of a breach.       Who cares if a full identity goes for $20 if you'll end up paying $125 for losing it?

The only use I have ever found for the data is to illustrate a thief's financial incentive to attack a given system, while attempting to justify hardening it.

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> | Even if you go with a conservative estimate that one
> | 'identity' is worth less than 20 bucks (recently stated
> | in a paper) . . .
>First, the worth of an identity is not the market value
of the identity, because the market is illegitimate.

I would suggest that is actually not the case -- while the
market for identity credentials (includes login IDs, credit
card numbers, CVV & Track 2 data, SSNs, etc.) may indeed be
illegitimate, it is thriving.

So as far as I'm concerned, the statement above on market value
is completely meaningless.

- - ferg

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