[Dataloss] time to name names (was Re: MORE BNY (Mellon Corp) Tapeslost)

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Aside from the privacy issue, couriered tapes  are also a concern due to the "Crash Restart" method of system attack. 

Basically, a hacker colludes with your courier to drop off your tapes in the morning.  The courier then picks up the altered tapes that afternoon.  A couple of really nasty things happened to your tapes that day. 


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: http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/business/s_570347.html
: "The tape was being carried by a commercial carrier ... and was lost in
: transit," said Ron Sommer, at the bank's Downtown offices. "It was
: ground transportation delivery, and it didn't reach its destination."

The amount of data loss incidents due to backup media being lost in
transit is disgusting. While everyone looks to the oragnizations like BNY
for these incidents, they need to disclose which commercial carriers are
losing the data like this.

I want to see the data and determine if a specific carrier or service is
primarily at fault here if that is where the blame lies.
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