[Dataloss] UK: Stolen tapes contain sensitive data on Hampshire workers

rchick rchicker at etiolated.org
Wed Jun 4 13:53:37 UTC 2008


CONFIDENTIAL tapes containing the personal and medical details of
thousands of staff from Hampshire firms.

The tapes contained highly sensitive information including details
ranging from illnesses to home addresses.

Thieves targeted a security van while it was transporting the tapes
between offices to be backed up.

The stolen data includes information on staff from a number of
companies in Hampshire including finance giant Skandia.

Thousands of people have received letters telling them their details
were on the stolen tapes that were owned by the company Medisure which
handles healthcare cover for a number of firms in the county.

While the stolen tapes are said to contain no financial information,
they did contain employee names, home addresses, age, details of
dependants, details of any health care claims and scanned copies of


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