[Dataloss] GA: Grady patients' medical records stolen

lyger lyger at attrition.org
Sat Jul 26 01:34:18 UTC 2008


The FBI is investigating the theft of medical records of patients at Grady 
Memorial Hospital, officials said Friday.

Grady spokeswoman Denise Simpson provided few details on the thefts that 
were discovered late Thursday. She said it remains unknown how many 
patient records were stolen, which patients were affected or how the 
records were stolen.

The records pertained to recorded physician comments that Grady sent to a 
vendor to transcribe into medical notes. The records were stolen from a 
subcontractor employed by the vendor. The missing records were kept on 
computer files.

Grady officials do not at this point believe the records contained 
patients' Social Security numbers or financial information such as credit 
card numbers, but Simpson emphasized that investigators are only starting 
their inquiry.


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